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Episode 4: Online Data Driven Marketing:
How to Know Your Customers, Increase Sales and Deliver Better Service 
Episode 3: The 9 Building Blocks of a Successful
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Episode 2: The Creation Circle
The 12 Secret 'Stops' To Your Dream Business and Dream Life
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Why Doesn't Tourism Lead to Higher Labour Productivity
Discover the 12 Trends That Determine the Future of the Caribbean
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If you want to live the Caribbean dream life you really need to know these 12 trends, 
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to succeed in the Caribbean.
Why Doesn't Tourism Lead to Higher Labour Productivity
Arjen Alberts - PhD Candidate - University of Amsterdam
Department of Geography, Planning and 
International Development Studies. 
Tourism is not everything in paradise, but there are more creative sectors in the Experience economy of the Caribbean. Get inside and learn why?
Discover 7 Ways the Oil Price Decline will Affect your Pocket in 2015
The oil price affects businesses in the Caribbean. How will the oil price decline affect your business and your island? Watch this video and know the 7 ways the oil price affects your business and island. The Caribbean is still dependent on oil while we have so many renewable resources at our command, Wind, Sun and Water. Get inside and learn what is happening with the oil, and why you need to shift to renewable energy.
Runy Calmera

I've been in business since 2006. I have been a consultant that traded my hours for dollars as a business analyst for larger clients like banks, energy companies in Europe. 
Then I became a trainer and coach for policy advisers in the Caribbean, and for coaches, trainers and writers in the private sector. 
Now my focus is to help coaches, trainers, consultants and writers living in the Caribbean or wanting to live the Caribbean lifestyle of sun, sea, and sand, to realize their dream business and dream personal life.

My dream is for you to realize your dream.
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